Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remembering Why CoolSculpting Is So Cool

By now, you've likely already heard plenty about CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ. So be honest. Is it not the coolest procedure you've ever heard about? That may be arguable, but one thing is for certain. This fat freezing treatment is fast becoming the most popular way to lose love handles, bra bulges and muffin tops. And there are a lot of reasons why.
Let's start with the basics. CoolSculpting resolves a problem that all too many of us have, stubborn fat. I have a friend named Dave who fancies himself as quite the bodybuilder. In truth, Dave is short in stature and is quite athletic looking. He works out regularly and maintains a healthy living style complete with a pescatarian (a vegetarian who still eats fish) diet.
Dave's problem? Well, I'll let him put it in his own words. "My midsection is soft," he complains, "it doesn't seem to matter how many darn sit-ups and crunches I do, I can't seem to lose the stubborn fat in my torso. You have to eliminate the fat if you want your abs to show. It's pretty frustrating." Dave isn't exactly what you would call overweight. And, as such, he seems like the ideal candidate for CoolSculpting.
The treatment is not recommended for the obese. But instead for those who are trying to lose excess fat. This is another reason why CoolSculpting is becoming so cool to so many people - it seems as if (nearly) everybody could benefit from it. So sure, CoolSculpting provides a solution to a very popular need - losing fat. But what else makes CoolSculpting so cool?
The answer lies in safety. Unlike other fat removing procedures such as liposuction, CoolSculpting involves no cutting, no anesthesia, no needles and no injections. It is a very effective method of targeting particular fat cells without the risk of doing permanent damage to your body. Not to mention, it requires no downtime. That means that you could receive the treatment on your lunch break and go straight back to work!
So what else do you need to convince you that CoolSculpting isn't just the coolest, but the safest way to go when it comes to body contouring? Oh yeah, that's it! Because body contouring is what CoolSculpting is all about. You see, some fat cells are stubborn, simply because no type of exercise seems to be able to dispose of them
For some, the procedure offers a way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits that are preventing the perfect body shape. This isn't surgery, it's a solution! An FDA and Health Canada approved solution, by the way. Eating a healthy diet and getting in adequate exercise will always be recommended. But when you need that extra step to getting your body shaped the way you like, CoolSculpting can help.
Be sure to contact a licensed professional about CoolSculpting. Only trained physicians can provide you with the pertinent details to this or any other treatment. And only those who are licensed and experienced should be performing any procedure. That way, you can lose your inhibitions while losing your love handles. It's a good thing CoolSculpting is so cool!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Best Nutrition Tips For Long, Healthy Nails

Fingernails are composed of a protein called keratin. Their normal rate of growth is around 1.5 inches a year.
However, if your nails aren't growing as fast as you would like them to, one possible reason is that you're not getting the right nutrition to promote nail growth. In this article, you'll learn which nutrients help fingernails grow, and how to add more of them to your diet.
1. Protein
Since the keratin of which nails are made is a protein, your body needs plenty of protein to build them up. If you're not getting enough protein in your diet, the "half-moons" that should appear near the cuticles of your nails will be missing.
The best sources of protein are meats such as poultry, beef, venison, lamb, pork, and fish. Other good, healthy choices include nuts, peanut butter and other nut butters, lentils, and beans.
2. Vitamin B
This vitamin is very important to nail health - without enough Vitamin B, your nails may become excessively dry and develop ridges, and the ends of your nails may curl up.
Vitamin B12 is a particularly beneficial nutrient for healthy nail growth. You can get it from dairy products such as milk and yogurt, as well as from salmon, trout, tuna, clams, beef, and pork.
3. Vitamin C
Ingrown nails and hangnails can sometimes be symptoms of a deficiency in Vitamin C.
To correct this vitamin deficiency, try berries and fruits such as blackcurrant berries, guavas, kiwis, strawberries, cherries, and oranges. Red bell peppers and spinach contain vitamin C, too.
4. Vitamin E
Vitamins C and E work together to promote healthy blood circulation, which ensures that the nail beds get enough oxygen. A healthy supply of oxygen helps make the nail materials stronger and enhances nail growth.
Good sources of Vitamin E include vitamin-fortified cereals, sunflower seeds, nuts, tomatoes, avocados, and turnip greens.
5. Iron
Over the long term, a deficiency of iron can cause washboard ridges, dryness, and brittleness in nails, as well as causing nails to grow in odd shapes. Be sure to eat iron-rich foods like red meats, liver, eggs, tuna, salmon, poultry, spinach, and whole grains.
6. Zinc
Zinc isn't a very well-known or heavily-promoted nutrient, but it's a very important nutrient to have in your diet if you want to keep your fingernails and toenails healthy and strong. If you have a zinc deficiency, you may have ridges and white spots on your nails.
Zinc can be found in foods like nuts, legumes, grains, poultry, red meats, and oysters.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Salon Air Cleaners - 7 Best Features To Have

Cleaning the air in your salon with an air cleaner that is designed to remove the chemical fumes that often evaporate at room temperature from products is a proactive way to keep staff and clients healthy. Here are 7 of the best features to have in a cleaner to insure great results.
Quiet Operation---As important as clean air is, it is equally important that you don't sacrifice the comfort and atmosphere in your salon. Having a cleaner that can do the job quietly with no muss, no fuss is essential if your purifier is to provide clean air. Having a cleaner that is too noisy to talk over can make you hesitate to operate it at a time when cleaning is most needed.
Continuous Cleaning---Volatile organic chemicals that evaporate from many of the products used in beauty and nail salon products can linger in the air for hours. In fact, if the air is not properly filtered you may find smells from yesterday's procedures still lingering in the air. This can be quite off-putting to clients who visit expecting an atmosphere that is both relaxing and healthy.
Low Cost Operation---You are more likely to run a cleaner continuously if it does not cost an arm and a leg to operate. 24 hour operation should draw about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb. Otherwise, the operation of the cleaner becomes prohibitively expensive resulting in air that is still not healthy.
Low Maintenance---Replacing the filter should be years away. Stay away from cleaners that need the filter changed every 3, 6, or even 12 months. This adds unexpected costs to operated, and some manufacturers will even negate any warranty if the filters are not purchased on schedule from them.
Carbon Filter---This type of filter is well-known for its ability to absorb gaseous pollutants. And while it is pretty effective with "normal" type of gases, odors, and chemicals, the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that typically off-gas from salon products are often more than this type of filter can handle alone.
Additive For VOCs---One of the most effective additives for removing these types of chemicals found in many salons is potassium iodide. When added to the carbon it increases the carbon's effectiveness and helps it eliminate more chemicals.
Flexible Options---As a shop owner, your first concern is surely the comfort of your clients. So you need a cleaner that can blend in with your d├ęcor, whether that is dark or light. So it would be nice if the cleaner that you choose could be both effective and available in colors that will look nice in your salon.
It is also extremely important that the unit is able to be placed fairly close to other objects in your salon. Having 360 degree air intake means that instead of needing to be placed in the middle of the room or in a certain position, it can be placed as close as 6 inches from any surface either up high or down low and still function effectively.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top Anti Wrinkle Creams Can Work Wonders On Your Aging Skin

Wrinkles are lines that are visible on your face even when every muscle is completely relaxed. These etched-in creases are like a bane that can dent your confidence alarmingly. While wrinkles are formed on the skin naturally as a part of the aging process, there are other factors that too contribute to their appearance. Top anti wrinkle creams can help in dealing with lines and wrinkles, but you must make sure you are using the right brand.
What is the best option available to you?
Deep wrinkles are often caused by a loss of volume just below the skin tissue. This is associated with aging and rarely seen in young women and men. Dermatologists may use filler substances to restore the youthful look of your skin, but using the right kind of deep wrinkle cream can spare you the inconvenience and pain of using injections. The repair job done by fillers may last for six months and requires a big commitment from the users.
The presence of various types of products for sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines can make the job of choosing the right product quite tough. While going under the knife is an option for those who need to get the problem fixed due to professional or social reasons, those who are not yet ready for it can use the best anti aging face cream to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines from the facial skin.
The questionable marketing tactics and the constant bombardment of advertisements of beauty and skin care products may influence you to buy products that are similar to placebos. They just flatter to deceive and do no good to the condition of your skin in the long term. It is difficult to trust the claims of most brands because their products are hyped to force you into buying them.
The right ingredients to make the wrinkles less obvious
Top anti wrinkle creams contain clinically-proven ingredients that take care of the problems of your skin by providing adequate moisturizing and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle creams, such as Hydroxatone, are recommended by dermatologists for dealing with wrinkles and lines because they deliver visible results within a few weeks of regular use.
Free radicals are another nightmare, when it comes to skincare. The unstable oxygen molecules produced by pollution, stress, and sun can cause collagen breakdown and lead to wrinkle formation. Using creams with antioxidants can help avoid the harsh effects of the elements. Ingredients, such as Matrixyl 3000, are known to visibly improve skin complexion and skin tone.
Matrixyl is a scientifically-tested ingredient and helps reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles to a considerable degree. Matrixyl also promotes collagen production, making it highly effective in mitigating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Hyaluronic Acid is another useful ingredient in fighting the appearance of wrinkles due to its unmatched skin hydrating ability. Top anti wrinkle creams contain these two ingredients along with sun protection factors which prevent the formation of new wrinkles.