Friday, July 13, 2012

The Basics of Sugaring

Sugaring is a hair epilation method similar to waxing that uses sugar to get rid of unwanted hairs in your body. It is a really old technique that is known to be used by Egyptians, Greek, and the Mesopotamians thousands of years ago. This rediscovered ancient art of hair epilation has so many benefits when compared to using wax. While anyone can have sugaring at home, sugaring is an ancient art that needs to be practiced often than to master.
Waxing and Sugaring
Which type is better for you will depend on your preference, to help you in deciding what's best, let's have a look at the pros and cons of these hair epilation methods:
  • A wax is applied warm. There are several cases where the client's skin gets burned during the process.
  • The wax strip is pulled from the opposite of the hair growth, which is extremely painful to your skin.
  • The wax is attached to your dead and live skin cells. The possibility of skin getting peeled of is high.
  • The sugar is applied lukewarm. Your skin won't burn in lukewarm temperature.
  • The paste or gel is removed from the direction of the hair growth. It is not as painful as when it is done at the opposite of the hair growth.
  • The sugar paste or gel gets attached only to the dead skin cells no live skin will be removed.
How Sugaring Works?
A sugar pasted in lukewarm temperature is applied to the area to be treated in such a way that it is applied in the opposite of the direction of your hair growth. In a flicking motion, the hair is removed in the direction that the hair grows. Sugaring can have the hair removed even if it just a few days old. This prevents the discomfort, irritation, and ingrown nails from developing which mostly happens after a waxing session. Moreover, the skin is exfoliated because dead skin cell go along with the hair when sugaring. It is possible to perform sugaring in almost any part of the body from your eyebrows to your ankles.
How often can I perform sugaring?
The best result will happen if sugaring is performed in a regular basis. You need to wait at least 3 to 6 weeks before you can have another sugaring session. As you using this hair epilation technique, fewer hairs will go back, therefore, the time it takes for another sugaring session will be lessened.
Sugaring is the cheapest way to get your unwanted hairs removed and can even be done at the comfort of your home. With just a few common ingredients found at home, you can get your own hair epilation kit and start removing unwanted hairs right away. However, cooking the paste and making it to the right consistency so it sticks to your hair is a bit complicated. If you don't know want to get your feet wet and make your own sugaring paste, you can also buy a home sugaring kit.

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